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Jet Trader Pro EA – Free With Our VPS

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You can verify the accounts, see the stats, and see the trade history by clicking on any of the images below - you will then be redirected to those respective websites to verify the accounts are real.

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Customized to trade ONLY the EUR/USD, this software is calibrated to profit from the ebbs and flows, the highs and lows, of this currency pair.

While other software may trade a myriad of currency pairs, there is a special characteristic within the EUR/USD that is totally unique and undiscovered in other pairs.

Because of this, the software was coded to take advantage of this and as you can see, the results over an extended period of time have been PHENOMENAL!

Remember these are proven, documented, 3rd party-verifiable results of what’s possible for you.

Jet Trader Pro is customized to NOT accept unnecessary risk, but to utilize a "dynamic price protection strategy” that makes trading safer and so much more lucrative with built in Reversal Counter Measures to accumulate profit even when trades are supposed to lose.

In fact, I’m hesitant to even call it trading, because it’s so precise...

With such strictly controlled risk... you have an unfair advantage over nearly everyone else who trades the normal way.

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